Wrap Review: Woven Wings Triangles

Last week my neighbour knocked on the door and handed me a parcel that I wasn’t expecting. I’d had a rough week and was pretty down. Attached to the parcel was a lovely note from Christina and Sarah, saying they were thinking of me, and hoped that this surprise would cheer me up.

Inside was one of the prettiest slings I’ve ever had the chance to use. The three colours, a rich indigo-blue, a pinky Lilac and a natural ecru-white, really compliment each other and the detail in the weave is delicate, subtle and stunning.

The hems are immaculate. Very neat, and small enough not to hinder wrapping, but give the rails enough bulk to be able to feel them when wrapping.
This sling is 100% cotton, but it’s soft, floppy, and mouldable.
Passes glide easily into place, and it can be knotted off easily. It doesn’t have the texture that the cotton Geo’s had, so may not have as much grip over longer period of time, however this shouldn’t matter too much as the smoothness of the fabric means that it is easy to wrap with and high, tight, carries are simple to achieve.
It’s a medium thin wrap, but with a dense weave. This makes it strong yet cushy, and it hold my toddler in single layer carries without any sign of sagging, whilst still being easy on the shoulders.
This wrap is everything that we have come to expect from Woven Wings, and once again, will not be leaving you disappointed.



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