Wrap Review: Woven Wings American Quilt

This wrap is not for the faint of heart. She is thick. She is stubborn. She is a beast to use. She is absolutely perfect for my toddler!

The most mind blowing thing about this wrap is the blend. Something this thick and dense has to be hemp, or linen, or silk or even mangalitsa pig hair… But it’s 100% cotton!

The new weave used to produce this wrap sets it aside from anything else that Woven Wings has done before and she is very different from the other all cotton wraps.

I’ve had her here for a couple of weeks now and she is starting to soften up a treat. She is still thick and beastly, and you end up with a knot the size of a dinner plate, but she is also soft and squishy and cuddly, whilst being strong and supportive.

If I had to liken her to another wrap, I’d say she wraps pretty much the same as Didymos Natural Hemp India.

The piece I have measures just over 3m, so I’ve been using her for a wide variety of shortie carries, including a no-sew ring sling, rebozo, ruck variations (CCCB, Knotless and Tub), half JBC, Double Hammock Rebozo, Shepard’s and I’ve even managed to eek out a Double Hammock Tied at a shoulder with her.

Like the other WWs she is a little in the narrow side at 64cm, and due to her thickness (and the size of the knot), she does wrap a little short.

The passes glide beautifully, not unlike the other all cotton WWs, but the reverse side has a little more texture than the top, which means that they grip in place and stay where you leave them. Obviously this is great if you can get a good wrap job from the word go, but I did find it difficult to adjust my wrap job once out.

The pattern is something we’ve not seen before, but continues on the love of geometric shapes that we have come to expect from WW. It’s subtle yet stylish, and although the raspberry colour is not one I would have picked, it matches any outfit, for any occasion.

American Quilt deserves a place in every stash, although I really wouldn’t recommend her to new or inexperienced wrappers, or for use with newborn babies, purely down to the thickness of the fabric. But as a Toddler wrap, I’ve never used one better!


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