Woven Wrap Review: Joy & Joe Baby – Fluffy Shades of Feathers

IMG_4760 (2)

I love getting wraps to test. The excitement of opening a new wrap, one in a new blend or a different weave then any like it before is second to none, and one company that I have the honour of testing for is Joy and Joe Baby. I’ve been testing and reviewing woven wraps for these guys now for just over a year, and the difference in the weave between their early products and what they are producing now is flabbergasting!

IMG_4946 (2)IMG_4947 (2)

Their new innocence collection’ is the lower end range of their woven wraps and they have been working really hard to retain the  high quality weave, but at a more affordable price. The main difference between the new Innocence collection and their high end ‘signature collection’ (FOL and new SMPs) is that they have not received the extra post weaving treatment and they don’t come with all the extras, but will just have thick canvas taper bags and white cardboard boxes.

26955F2A00000578-0-image-a-100_1426195426016The latest design from this new collection has been inspired by a beautiful Alexander McQueen’s dress worn by FKA Twigs on the red carpet. The design itself consists of overlapping feathers, which have been created using a mix of two weaves, one weave is deliberately more textured than the other to improve the adaptability and movement that the wrap allows. This gives the wrap a fantastic glide, but with the perfect amount of grip, which holds even a sloppy wrap job in place for hours.The soft combed cotton easily carries my nearly 3 year old with a fantastic amount of Cush, making the wrap itself superbly comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time.

The value for money on this new weave is undeniable, all the luxury of the signature collection, but without any of the fancy extras. The wrap I have here I’ve been using in loom state, however I expect that after it’s first wash it will fluff up beautifully, and the potentially shaggy threads will disappear into a wonderful weave structure of cushy and strength.

IMG_4766 (2)

Width: 27 inches approx.
Blend: 50% Italian cotton+50% combed cotton
Weight: 287 gsm

Pricing: Ringsling(2m): £90, XS (2.6m): £95, S(3.2m): £99, M(3.6m): £119 , L(4.2m): £129, XL(4.6m): £135 , XXL(5.2m): £145


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