Consultation Packages

Cariad babywearing can provide consultations to suit everyone, and tailor made for you.

  • For new parents
  • For an expecting Mother/Father
  • If you need extra help with a carrier or sling you already own
  • If you new to babywearing and interested to find out more
  • If you are an experienced in babywearing but would like help or to try out something new
  • For a care provider or family member who would like to learn to babywear or get a gift for a loved one
  • For a professional who is interested in babywearing and seeks advice

These consultations can be carried out in the comfort of your own home or a space you can feel safe and relaxed in.

What happens at the consultation will depend on what you want. A sling consultation can be any of the following.

  • You might have never carried a baby in a sling before and would like to learn more about the different types of slings and find out which sling works best for you and your baby.
  • Touching on theoretical knowledge including ergonomically correct positioning of babies in slings considering babies’ development of spine and hips
  • A demonstration of a wide selection of different carriers and the opportunity to try some
  • Moving on to a different carrier from a sling your baby has outgrown
  • Troubleshooting of an existing sling you already own
  • Learn the technique of tying a woven wrap sling
  • Learn how to carry your baby on your back.
  • Any additional needs

Once we have decided on a sling or carrying method we will practice them step by step. I have a number of special demonstration dolls you can practice with until you are confident to try it with your baby or your baby is settled.

Ideally your partner is present as well and you both learn the techniques.


Full Consultation (includes 2 week sling hire)IMG_2013

Cost £35. £45 for partner consultations (both parents or 2 friends with similar needs)

About 60-90min long or however long we need. Perfect if you are a new parent, if you don’t really know yet want or if you want to learn how to use a woven wrap. Includes sling hire


Just sling hire

£5 or £10 , plus a refundable deposit,

know what sling you want, and have experience using a carrier similar? collect your sling from my home just outside of Aberystwyth, hire is for 2 weeks or 4 weeks.

Sling hire and Fitting

£10 or £15 , plus a refundable deposit, 

know what sling you want but you’ve not used it before? I’ll show you how your chosen carrier works, how to carry your baby safely and get it properly adjusted just for you. collect your sling from my home just outside of Aberystwyth, hire is for 2 weeks or 4 weeks.

Mini Session

Cost £20 or £25, plus a refundable deposit,

Good if you are not completely new to babywearing anymore and just want to try on many different Mei Teis or Buckle Carriers to make sure you are investing in the right one, but can’t make it to a sling meet. Hire and swop carriers until you found what you are happy with. Collect your sling from my home just outside of Aberystwyth, hire is for 2 weeks or 4 weeks.

Troubleshooting Session


This is when you already have a sling and just need some help to fix a problem you have been facing.

015Group workshops


2-3 hour workshops held in groups of maximum 5 parents

Pregnancy Package 

£35 and includes sling hire and a follow-on consultation after birth

The specialised Bump2Babywearing package allows you to see me before birth for a 1 hour consultation where we will chat about the Benifits of Babywearing, how to carry safety and I will show you how to safely carry your new baby after birth demonstrating a variety of options. You then hire a new stretchy wrap in your choice of colour for up to 3 months and see me after birth with your baby for a follow-on consultation, when I will answer any extra questions you may have, and check to see that you are happy wearing.

Gift Vouchers

These are a great shower gift or to give to loved one to help them with their babywearing journey.


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