Wrap Review: Woven Wings Silk Noil Geo

Y’all know I love my WWs, but I’m seriously not joking when I tell you that this one is the best yet!

The first thing you notice about this sling is the smell. The rich, earthy, sweet silky smell. This smell is something I love, although I know many do not. But there was no doubting the blend of this sling. I was told it was 20% bourette (or noil) silk.

Bourette or Noil silk comes from the mulberry silkworm. These silkworms feed continuously on mulberry leaves for 30 days. Then they begin to use what they have consumed to spin this wonderful fibre. Although Bourette comes from mulberry silk worms, it isn’t the shiny slippery silk we usually picture. Instead, it has a rustic look and feel. After the mulberry silk is harvested, the bits that remain are collected, combed, cut and spun into a fibre with a subtle sheen and nubby texture. You can see darker blue flecks and lots of little nubs and stubs in the fibre which give the whole wrap an amazing ‘casual elegance’. Bourette silk is reputed to have a healing, calming effect on the skin, and it has certainly worked its wonders with my grumpy teething toddler.

This wrap is thin. It’s about the same, if not slightly thinner than the cotton Geos, but the silk fibres are quite chunky, making it a dense and heavy weave. This means that it is a delight to wrap as the passes can be manoeuvred easily but have a decent drape, allowing a decent wrap job, even with the most wiggly of toddlers. The silk also provides the perfect about of grip, holding passes in place easily.

Don’t be put off by the thinness of this wrap either. It is really strong! I went to meet friends this morning and wrapped my Toddler in a double hammock. It was a 45 minute walk there, and I couldn’t feel her weight at all. I find most blends start to get uncomfortable after around 30 minutes, but I could easily of had her up there all day without any issues at all.

Because of how strong this wrap is, I think it would perform amazingly well as a summer shorty as well as in longer lengths. I’ve tried this prototype in both single and multi layer carries with great success. Although there isn’t a great deal of diagonal stretch (at least, not as much as the merino blend WWs, or the cotton), it is soft and mouldable and will stay solid, even with a wiggly, leaning, leg-straightening, wrap-striking toddler.

The blue silk noil geo has fast become my go-to sling, leaving the rest of my small stash totally redundant. I can assure you, I will be clicking that refresh button repeatedly once the release time for this beauty is announced, as no stash is complete without a Noil!