Wrap Review: Sling Studio – Falling Feathers Sway

 When I posted my review of the stunning Falling Feathers Sky with Baby Camel Hair, I mentioned I was lucky enough to of been testing two Sling Studios. 

Well, here is the second. Let me introduce you to Sway.

 This stunning work of art is the single most amazing thing I have ever felt in my life! It’s softness is almost enough to make you cry! I can’t even find the words to describe it. It’s mind-blowing. Like wrapping with a cloud or a giant marshmallow blanket.

It turns out that it isn’t woven from kitten belly fur, but is actually 48% finest Italian Merino Wool. I was convinced it was some sort of cashmere blend. I didn’t know wool could ever be that soft!
Obviously the best way to test a wrap it to drag it through the forest whilst chasing after a muddy toddler. And it held up to that test pretty well. The passes glide over each other and the drape is so similar to a blanket that each carry is just like a huge cuddle.
I just wish that my two year old was younger, despite its amazing malleability it did pull on my shoulders slightly when she fell into a dead-weight sleep and needed a bit of adjustment to get it comfy. It would, however, be the most perfect squish wrap in the world!
The colour is just to die for too. The stone grey really highlights the stunning petrol teal colour of the reverse. It’s a colour combination which really works, and makes a wonderful everyday wrap, but something that will still look classy when it’s dressed up.
It has ruined all other slings for me as nothing will ever compare to this!

Wrap Review: Sling Studio – Falling Feathers Sky

I’ve been lucky enough to of had a couple Sling Studio Testers here to stay, so brought them with me to the Lake District last week. 
 This blue beauty here has been Falling Feathers Sky, and is stunning blend containing the hair from Baby Camels, and a little bit of pixie dust,
52% cotton/24% finest italian merino/19% camel/5% silk, to be exact.
ItIMG_6157‘s a bight shade of true cobalt blue and the same teally green the other FFs have had. I’m not a huge fan of green and blue together, but I’ve fallen head over heels for this baby! The slight prickle is barely noticeable when wrapped, and it’s so strong, but retains an amazing softness to it without any sag. It is so light in hand, yet strong and easy to use.
IMG_6160It’s part of Sling Studio’s ‘New Forest Collection’ and is inspired by simply looking up whilst in the deep depths of the lush forest.
On this particular day my 2 year old was up and down over a 8 hour period, which included a 90 minute wrap nap. There’s not many wraps that are up to that job any more!