Wrap Review: Woven Wings American Quilt – The Teal Edition

You may remember I was lucky enough to receive the stunning raspberry AQ to play with back in the summer so WWHQ was keen for me to try out the teal AQ too, to give you guys a comparison.
IMG_0011.JPGRaspberry was thick, dense and stubborn. Teal is thick too, there’s no mistaking it, but he has none of the stubbornness that his raspberry sister had. He is soft and floppy and mouldable, and results in a solid carry, with a nice bit of bounce.
The most noticeable difference between the two is that raspberry has two very different sides, but the colour difference between the two sides of teal is so subtle that you can almost miss it entirely. This obviously has no actual effect on how it wraps, but I quite like my wraps having two different ‘looks’.
Teal is much more manageable than his raspberry sister, who was a beast until she had been tamed. He still has the same density and the cush that AQ has become known for, but doesn’t require as much effort. This new version also brings a whole new aspect to the name ‘American Quilt’ as he has to be one of the most beautiful blankety wraps I’ve ever had the pleasure of wrapping with!
He’s still a very toddler worthy wrap, but it’s lost the almost hemp-like quality that his pink sister had, and now possesses a quality not too dissimilar to that of thick tussah silk wraps.
This wrap is defiantly another name on my wish list, and one that, once again, will not disappoint.